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Import .dif file format in JMP Script

I am trying to import a .dif text file into a JMP data table.

When I use the file import, I have the option of using Excel to open it, or "Data with Preview".


If I were to write a script to use Excel to open it, how do I get the same script to put the excel worksheet into a JMP table for further use.

I would prefer not to have to use an external program to open it, but if I use Data with Preview, it puts all data into just one column in the .dif file format structure:

Header 1

Value1, Value 2

Header 2

Value3, Value 4,



Is there a way for JMP to open .dif files directly in the same table structure that Excel creates?

Thank you for any help you can provide.


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Re: Import .dif file format in JMP Script

Maybe you could parse it if you read it in as plain text?  I'm not sure what the file contents look like in a dif file.

-- Cameron Willden
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Re: Import .dif file format in JMP Script

Thanks for replying cwillden.

Attached are what the file looks like if I try to open it in Plain text format and with "Data Using Text Import Preferences"

All text is in column 1 in separate rows, and numbers are in first and second column) Plain Text.pngData Using Text Import Preferences.png

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Re: Import .dif file format in JMP Script

Hi @JensRiege ,

I created an add-in to import data interchange format (DIF).

Have a look and let me know if this will work for your files.




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