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How to save JMP log


Staff (Retired)


Jun 23, 2011

Hi JMPers,

I want to save JMP log as txt file for futher using.

How to save JMP log into any local directory files?


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You can save the log file at any time by just making sure that it's the current active window by clicking on it, and then clicking on File | Save As. The default name is "log.jsl", but obviously you can change that to anything you want, after which you can pick it up in WordPad, MS Word or whatever.

If you want to preserve the colour-coding of the text as well, just copy the contents of the log onto the clipboard with -A, then paste it into Word or WordPad with either an Edit | Paste or -V in the usual way.

Staff (Retired)


Jun 23, 2011

Thank you David,

I asked wrong Question.

My question is How to save JMP log through JSL.

When User use JMP application, JMP automatically save log into txt files.
Hi Volf - the following JSL function will save a text copy of the log to wherever you want to put it:

save log("c:\anything.txt");

[On a point of information, I've found it a very useful exercise to work through the Appendix of the JSL Scripting Guide, function by function, writing my own searchable help file in the process. You'll quite often come across functions which perform very useful tasks but which don't have names that you'd instinctively look for when running a search ("Tick Seconds" is a good example of the sort of thing I mean). It takes a while to do it, but you'll eventually begin to find that your own help file is of more use to you than the manual. My personal favourite tool for this sort of thing is HelpScribble ( )]