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How to input non-linear Effect restrictions into Prediction Profiler, JMP 14

I am attempting to use JMP 14 to predict optomized recipes to get a part with specific characteristics using a tool I am using (I'm aware that JMP Pro is probably better for this, I'm looking into it). The tool has certain restrictions.  Let's say that I have X1, X2, X3 and X4. I know that X1 and X2 are related in certain ways that have effects on my outputs, so instead of putting both values into my JMP table, I've put X1/X2 and X1+X2 in. The same is true for X3 and X4 (I have them in as X3/X4 and X3+X4). My tool, however, can not allow X1 > 1000, X3 >1000 or X4 < 200.  I know I'd have to input something like:


X1+X2 - ((X1+X2)/(1+X1/X2))  >/ 1000

X3+X4 - ((X3+X4)/(1+X3/X4)) >/ 1000

(X3+X4/(1+X3/X4)) </ 200


but I don't understand where to put this. I'm sure it's a very simple thing, but I can't really find anything about this type of case online. Please let me know how to do this, thanks!

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