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How to disable JMP security warning


When I open files with scripts, I got "JMP security warning" with three options: Examine, Open and cancel (see attached).

The option for "always ask before opening this file" is disable.

How can I disable it and make the JMP to always open it w/o this popup?

Thanks in advance!


JMP security warning.PNG


Re: How to disable JMP security warning

Hi Thomas.  Windows 11 still has the Internet Options utility, but for whatever reason, Microsoft has decided to hide it.  I have updated the JMP Note to include instructions on how to find "Internet Options" on Windows 11.

Essentially, just open Settings and, in the search option at the top of Settings, search for internet options.  Internet Options should show up.

You can find the link to the JMP Note HERE.

Please let us know if you need additional assistance.