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Hover Label Scripting Tutorial



Is there a tutorial for how to script Hover Label graphs? I looked at the default generated Hover Label Editor but the code is relatively uncommented and difficult to parse. 




Re: Hover Label Scripting Tutorial

Did you look up hover labels in Help > Books > Scripting Guide? The documentation contains a lot of examples with code.

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Re: Hover Label Scripting Tutorial

@DavidLeber besides the examples that @markbailey mentioned, I will be working on new material for the Community in the following months.

I have already posted a few JSL examples based on the new hover label functionality, see:

There is also documentation on-line related to this area, such as:



Our hope was that between the rich functionality supported out-of-the-box by Graphlet Presets and easy of customization afforded by the Paste Graphlet command, we would cover most of the use cases without the need for extra coding.

Of course, we exposed a JSL API precisely to allow for those scenarios that do require additional customization.

Do you have a particular use case in mind? Please let us know.


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