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Graph "Arrange With Data Table" via Script?


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Jun 23, 2011

Hello, fairly new to JMP. Got as far as loading a table from a Stored Process, and I have a graph against the data that I like. Is there a way for my script to execute the "Arrange With Data Table" to get my table/graph side-by-side?

Thanks in advance!




Jun 23, 2011

Unfortunately, with all the scriptability of JMP, this is one of the pieces which is not currently scriptable.


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Jun 23, 2011

when wanting to ad the data table into the output I found this post very useful:

this will enable you to convert the data table into a table list box quite simply.


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Dec 4, 2011

Hi jort

JMP 9 can do what your said ,click the arrange menu at the right-down of your drop.


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Jun 23, 2011

I am not sure if you mean arranging the different windows side by side, or if you want them side by side within the same report window.

The first situation could be scripted like in this example:

dt = Open( "$ENGLISH_SAMPLE_DATA/Big" );

ow = Oneway( Y( :height ), X( :age ) );wait(1);

graph_pos=ow<<get window position;

graph_size=ow<<get window size;

table_pos=dt<<get window position;

table_size=dt<<get window size;

// play around with the table size scaling factors (1.5 & 1 times the graph's width & height resp.)

// below to get the desired result

dt<<set window size(graph_size[1]*1.5,graph_size[2]*1);

ow<<move window(table_pos[1]+graph_size[1]*1.5,table_pos[2] )

The second situation could be solved in different ways, here is one approach:

close all(journals);

dt = Open( "$ENGLISH_SAMPLE_DATA/Big" );

dt << journal;

ow = Oneway( Y( :height ), X( :age ) );

New Window( "test", H List Box( Current Journal()[1], Report( ow )[1] ) );

// Clean up workspace

Current Journal()<<close window;

ow<<close window;