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Fit Proportional Hazards/ Cox proportional Hazard/ risk ratio/ Likelihood ratio


I am using  Fit Proportional Hazard platform for checking if a test  (continuous variable which is divided into terttiles-T1,T2,T3) is associated with the risk of any event (E) in a follow up period of 1year. 

1. During the analysis,  Whole model P= 0.08, Likelihood ratio is 0.08, since these P values are insignificant so in that case can I still compare the risk ratio between the tertiles(T1,T2,T3)? 

2. If the Risk ratio between any of the two tertiles for example T1 vs T3 is signficant, can that be reported?

3. How the reporting can be done?

APology, if the question sounds very basic!


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