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Entering string of words

How can I enter a list of word into JMP, each of them a certain number of times?


schools x 75, community x 61, responsible x 53, health x 52 ...


Is there a way to do this in any simpler way than just entering each string one at a time?



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Re: Entering string of words

I'm assuming you mean put values into a table. If you have a character column with 75 + 61 + 53 + 52 . . . rows (currently all empty), then enter 'schools' into the first cell, right click and select 'Fill > To end of table'. Then go to row 76 and edit the value to be 'community'. Right click on this cell and do'Fill > To end of table' again. And so on. If you don't already have the rows you need, do 'Rows > Add Rows ...' first.