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Destructive Degradation Analysis with Step Stress

Hello together,
As a new user of this Platform, Kindly request your Support. I would like to perform a degradation anslysis on wear Performance of anodized Aluminium Parts. To Save the Time , i have to use the measured Wear on 10 Parts.

Test conducted As following,

1. the anodized Aluminium Parts are a Sub component of a fuel Pump which run in diesel fuel.
2. the pumps are being tested on a Test machine under following conditions,
- Test duration is total 2000hours, in the First 1000h, the pumps are Running under 90 degrees, the next 1000h is under 80 degrees Temperaturen

- the Flow Rate is being recorded for each Hour and is a Symptome of wear on mentioned/ Point of interest anodized Aluminium Part

- Medium is Diesel and the pumps operate at Same voltage on the Test machine

- during the Tests , At some of These pumps being observed that they Fall down At Different Times due to worn Alu part

- some pumps but anyhow survive
- for all parts after disassembly ( failed and survived) , the wear amount is measured

Could you help me about procedure to perform a degradation analysis of anodized coated Aluminium with such a data in jmp.

Thanks a lot.

Re: Destructive Degradation Analysis with Step Stress

Please see in JMP Help > Books > Reliability and Survival Methods > Cumulative Damage. This chapter describes another reliability analysis platform that supports step stress models.

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