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Controlling JMP from Excel

While in Excel, I would like to execute a JMP script, launching an analysis in JMP behind the scenes, and then render the output in the excel application. If anyone else has had to do this previously, I would appreciate any insights. I would like to keep the majority of the code in JSL format and not have to traslate it into Visual Basic. Any advice?

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Community Trekker

Re: Controlling JMP from Excel


See: from the Help menu, Books, Scripting Guide, Chapter 14, OLE Automation.    refers: Automation Reference.pdf in JMP/10/documentation.   Several examples right there to get one started.  It is easier than you think.  Many platforms can be directly controled, but the easiest thing to do is as you mentioned - just use VBA to kick off you JMP script.

See also JMP/10/Help/VBDocumentation.chm for details, for example RUNJSLFile(Filename as String)

Once you get started, you'll find lots of applications come to mind.

Good Luck & Best Regards,


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