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Connecting to SAS on the current machine

I think I once learned how to connect JMP to SAS on the current machine.  I have changed machines, and cannot reproduce the procedure.  When I select SAS from the File Menu and then Connections,  and choose to connect to the local machine SAS installation, I usually get the following error code:


"A connection to machine "" could not be established on port 8561. Verify that the values provided for machine name and port are correct."


I can tell I am not connecting, because the Select Data screen describes a differen collection of libraries than on my working machine.


I wish to import SAS files into JMP with the SAS formats attached.  When I can make the connection work (not sure of by which procedure, but rarely), I can import only the SAS file without the formats, even though the library named in the SAS routine I ran from JMP contains the format library.


What does it take to assure that the connection can be made within the same machine?

At this point, I appreciate any help, however silly it might make me look!


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Re: Connecting to SAS on the current machine

I believe that you need to contact the JMP folks on this

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