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Comparing Two Test Methods Using Reliability Data

Background: Test Method "F" has high variability and takes very long to reach the end of test (EOT) maximum time of 300 hours.  Test Method "M" has variability, but can reach EOT maximum in only 40 hours.  Goal is to replace Test Method F with Test Method M to allow faster decisions about product reliability.


Data:  Test units have been evaluated on both methods.  About ten test units have data on both methods.  There are at least two tests from each method for each test unit, and a maximum of 15 tests on Method M for one test unit. Data is right-censored (failure not observed) in some cases.  Additional data is still coming in.


Goal:  For the set of all test units, compare the information from Test Method F and M to support using Method M instead of Method F, allowing us to save time and money.  In other words, if we can learn that test units are more or less reliable using Method M, we can abandon Method F.


As you have a moment, please suggest JMP tools to reach the goal.  I've been reading the website and playing with the Reliability & Survival tools.



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