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Commas in my .csv file creating extra columns in the data table

In my survey i have a set of questions with text entry fields. Many of the responses contain commas and are being separated into several additional columns when opening a .csv file in JMP. What is the best solution for this problem?

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Jun 23, 2011

If you have control over how the survey file gets created then you have (at least) a couple of options.
1. Create a Tab delimited file instead of a .csv file
2. Make sure each text entry field is surrounded by double quotes "like NY, NY "
If you cannot control the survey output format then there is no way that JMP can know which commas are field delimiters and which are embedded in text fields unless there is more structure to your file than you have described.
Of course you could manually edit the survey output text file to have quotes around each text field. That would be tedious and error prone, but could get the data into JMP as you need it in a pinch.


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