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Column hierarchy displayed on a single onway plot?

OK maybe this isn't the right way to do it but I'll explain what I'm going for and see what gets suggest.


Let's say I have a character column that contains 5 different types of names for the rows (tool1, tool2, tool3, tool4, tool5). I want to have a Oneway plot showing the statistics of each tool for a given parameter (say average tool down time), but I also want the Oneway plot to group the tools into two categories because tools 1,2 and 3 are in 1 facility, and tools 3 and 5 are in another, so facility1 and facility2. I want the one way plot x-axis to display tools1-5 as well as the aggregate of facility1 and facility2 tools all horizontally and in the same y-axis so I can see how each tool compares to the overal statistics for each facility.


Now since Oneway plots only allow one x-axis column, I've found a hacky way of doing this by copying all the rows and added them to the table (so doubled the amount of rows with 1 duplicate for each) and then replaced the tool# with corresponding facility# so the Tool column in a one-way plot shows everything like I want it. I don't like this solutiong beccause now in other plots I ahve to be careful about the duplicate rows. The other solution is to just make two one plots and line them up next to each other but that's just not a very elegant solution.


I see there's this supercategories function but not sure if that's what I need. Any suggestions?

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