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Can this be done with JMP?

I have a really pressing need -  and I have tried everything that I know. At this point I am not even sure it can be done with JMP, but I thought I ask the Experts!

I have many records like the one below

A    B    C    D   E       
1182401337948T     07/22/2009    DDDD       999999    1  
1182401337948T     07/22/2009    SSSS       0    1 

What I need is for every record that has D=0 and the  A and B columns are the same as to the record above - I need to create a new code DDDDSSSS and associate it with both rows

Do you think this can be done in JMP?

Super User

Re: Can this be done with JMP?

I think you could do it in two steps (someone might have a one step solution for you but this was quick)

Add a column F with the formula:

if (:D == 0 & Lag(:A, 1) = :A , "DDDDSSSS", Empty())

Then add a column G with the formula:

If(:F[Row() + 1] == "DDDSSS", "DDDSSS", :F)


Re: Can this be done with JMP?

Thank you Karen. I really appreciate you very quick response and great effort! Best Natalia

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Re: Can this be done with JMP?


Building on what Karen provided...

9347_Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 3.36.02 PM.jpg

Copy and paste into your column.  I named the new column "Recoded Column".

If(Lag(:A, 1) == :A & :D == 0, Lag(:C, 1) || :C; :Recoded Column[Row() - 1] = Lag(:C, 1) || :C, :C)




Re: Can this be done with JMP?

Thank you Stan ! You are genius! This worked beautifully and did exactly what I was looking for.


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