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Bivariate graph shows summarized data from the table

The script below is trying to create a filter for the data table on the year (Sub_eff_yr) column and also have a bivariate graph for the accumulated data from two of the columns by group one of the columns.

The filter is working, but the graph was not showed up. I'm just wondering why my bivariate graph is not working. Any ideas?

tbl = Current Data Table();
tbl << Color by Column( Sub_eff_yr );

wind = New Window( "Sample",

H List Box(
tbl << Data Filter(
Add Filter(
columns( :Sub_eff_yr),
Display( :Sub_eff_yr, Size( 390, 36 ), Blocks Display ),
Mode( Show( 1 ), Include( 1 ))
tbl << Bivariate(
Y( Sum(:Success )),
X( Sum(:Submission) ),
Group (:Subagent)

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Jun 23, 2011

See the response to your other duplicate post which can be found here:

Included link to resulting thread.

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