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Re: Basic JMP vs SAS overview?

Also being an old SAS user, and also a long time JMP user, I suggest that you start your entry into JMP by:

1. Scanning the documentation "Discovering JMP" and "Using JMP", that is available under


2. Go through the New User Welcome Kit

     New User Welcome Kit

3. Go through the tutorials of interest available under


4. Then start down the JSL path by going through the Scripting Guide


Re: Basic JMP vs SAS overview?

@thoffnagle The three places I recommend you start are:


For a quick fly over of the JMP user interface and experience I suggest participating in one of the "Getting Started with JMP" live webinars:

Once you have a JMP or JMP Pro license, I recommend completing the JMP New User Welcome Kit. The JMP New User Welcome Kit is an online e-learning type experience for new to JMP users:

And finally since it sounds like you are coming from a SAS may want to take a look at some of the free resources available for using JMP in a SAS environment...I'm presuming you won't stop using SAS or you'll have data in a SAS framework that you want to analyze within the JMP ecosystem:


And last but not've already found the JMP User Community...peruse especially the Discussions and File Exchange for all sorts of useful information.

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