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Level III

Add a local data filter to a subset table command using code

This is the code I wrote to create a subset table with a local data filter. I get a table with the columns selected but with all rows i.e., the local filter is not working.

Data Table("JoinedData140523") << Subset(
	Selected columns only(0),
		:age 2022, :"# of children"n, :Gender, :Nationality, :Religiosity,
		:Education 3, :TOP YN, :TOP NoRelig YN
	Local Data Filter(
		Add Filter(
			columns(:"Sevirity>3"n, :TOP total),
			Where(:"Sevirity>3"n == "1" & :TOP total == "Yes") // Combine the filter conditions

Any suggestions?


Re: Add a local data filter to a subset table command using code

If you compute a subset table in JMP 17 with the Filtered Rows option:


The Log will show you what the script should look like:


// Subset data table
// → Data Table( "Subset of Big Class 2" )
Data Table( "Big Class" ) << Subset(
	Filtered Rows( :height >= 61 & :weight <= 98 ),
	Selected columns only( 0 )

Note that the data filter that is included in the interface is only for UI - the JSL only requires the where-clause that the filter generates.  In earlier versions of JMP one way to do something similar would be to select the rows before computing the subset:

Data Table( "Big Class" ) << Select Where(:height >= 61 & :weight <= 98);
Data Table( "Big Class" ) << Subset(
	Selected Rows( 1 ),
	Selected columns only( 0 )