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Level I

Simple Process Monitoring of Multiple Parameters Using JMP(R) (2020-EU-30MP-404)

Level: Intermediate


Torsten Weber, Engineer Process Integration, Heliatek


The paper will discuss the application of JMP at Heliatek in terms of process monitoring in a pilot production environment. In a running production it is a challenge to keep track of multiple control charts simultaneously. The contribution describes an alarm dashboard compiled in JSL, which monitors multiple process parameters and visualizes critical limit exceedings in a simple way. The application counts the limit violations in a defined time frame of multiple components and depicts the results in a heat map. Database queries continuously update the data.

This presentation will explain in detail:

  • How to run this application in a loop to react as soon as possible to critical process variations.
  • How to solve issues regarding automatic alarm emails without using the „mail()“ or „alarm script()“ function of JSL
  • How to share this alarm board in a network via customized HTML report to minimize interrupting „hangover“ while updating the data.

This application helps to enhance the production yield of organic-PV products by a simple visualization of multiple process parameters and therefore shortens the response time.



great talk - thank you. you have basically covered the 8 information quality dimensions: