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Technical Support Services

At JMP Technical Support, our mission is to help our customers make the best use of our software products through effective and responsive support, active advocacy, and a broad and flexible range of self-help resources. In support of this mission, the following services set the expectations for your relationship with JMP Technical Support.

General Support Services

  • Telephone support

  • Access to support resources on our JMP Support web site

  • E-mail support

Some of the ways in which we can help you successfully use our software are:

  • Suggest the appropriate JMP platform, JSL feature, or products for the particular type of analysis or functionality that is requested.

  • Answer questions about specific details of platforms, such as discussing available features, options, and limitations.

  • Provide references for formulas and statistical techniques that our algorithms use, where possible.

  • Provide limited guidance and references to help you interpret the output that is produced by statistical procedures.

  • Isolate, document, and find circumventions for reported software defects.

  • Work with JMP software development staff to provide safe updates for our software, as we deem appropriate.

  • Provide limited and general statistical advice on a case-by-case basis; however, it is your responsibility to determine which type of statistical analysis is appropriate for your needs.

  • Address concerns with printed or online documentation by providing additional examples, if necessary, or explanation for concepts that require clarification.

  • Provide guidance during JMP software installation.

  • Provide limited assistance with programming logic.

  • Provide a broad overview of hardware tuning, operating system modifications, JMP performance enhancements, and methods of efficient programming for achieving optimal performance; however, we do not provide benchmarking for specific hardware or operating systems.

  • Provide support for the interaction between JMP and any third-party software that ships with JMP.

  • For other third-party applications, we are glad to convey any knowledge that we have, but we cannot provide comprehensive support for another vendor’s software.

  • Due to limited resources and knowledge of any particular customer’s data analysis situation, we cannot provide customized consulting services. Nor can we provide customized JMP code, for example, contrasts, custom tests, or JSL. You can visit the JMP Partners page to learn more about the consulting services that are offered by JMP. Your Account Representative can also assist you in engaging the appropriate professional services.

  • Trial, and Student Subscription licenses are eligible for installation and licensing support via email only. 

Support Services for Current and Prior Releases of Software

With the accelerated pace of software development in the marketplace, JMP regularly releases product updates. As a result, JMP recommends that customers install the most current release of their licensed software products, including maintenance releases. Current software means that our customers have the latest and best technology, and they are protected from potential vulnerabilities.

JMP has a two-level support policy that is based on the current shipping version for the product:

  • Standard Support: This support level is based on a product's most current version.

  • Limited Support: This support level is provided for products that have been released prior to the current version.

In addition to ensuring the latest technology and security for customers, this support structure provides customers with a predictable timeframe for when a product release moves to Limited Support. This information enables customers to plan their software upgrades accordingly.

For all releases, regardless of age, we provide technical support running on these supported operating systems (Windows, macOS) in accordance with information in the tables in the sections that follow below.

Support Levels for JMP® and JMP® Pro Software

Support Level Methods for Contacting Support Activity by Technical Support Staff Support for Executable Modules and Maintenance Releases
Standard Support Telephone*,
Web Interface,
Technical Chat (where available)
Provides full support for the current version. This support includes investigating all reported problems and providing circumventions, where it is possible. Provided for selected critical problems.
Limited Support Telephone*,
Web Interface,
Technical Chat (where available)
Provides fixes where they are already available. This support also includes the clarifying documentation (including self-help resources**) and instructions for applying maintenance releases, as well as answering questions about upgrades. Provided where they are already available.


*Telephone support available for annually licensed JMP® and JMP® Pro Software. Support for single user licensed JMP® Software is primarily through e-mail and web interface. Telephone support may be offered at the discretion of JMP Technical Support.

**Self-help resources include the JMP Knowledge Base and the JMP User Community. You can search these resources for potential circumventions to problems that are similar to ones that you are experiencing.

To ensure that JMP customers have the latest security updates for JMP software, JMP recommends that customers install the most current release of the software, including maintenance release.

Support Levels for Annually Licensed JMP® and JMP® Pro Software Releases

JMP® Software Release Standard Limited Notes
18.x X   Generally available March 2024. For information, see the JMP® Software web page.
17.x and earlier   X

Generally available October 2022. For information, see the JMP® Software Updates web page.

Reduction to Limited support starting on March 2024.

Users on versions more than two versions back are highly encouraged to upgrade to the most recent release. Support may be denied for older versions. 

Non-GA* products developed on obsolete platforms   X  

*Generally available

Support Levels for Single User Licensed JMP® Software Releases (shrink-wrap)

JMP® Software Release Standard Limited Notes
14.x and earlier*   X All support services are expired. For information, see the JMP® Software Updates web page.

*Due to various operating system updates, activation is only guaranteed for the current (14.x) release installed on supported operating systems.

Software Maintenance and Bug Fixes

JMP provides maintenance through software updates. The availability of updates is announced on the Support Downloads webpage.

While we attempt to provide updates for serious problems, there might be cases where it is impractical or impossible to generate a fix, due to compatibility issues or the potential for introduction of unwanted side effects.

Problem and Product Change Notifications

JMP documents Alert Priority issues, as well as problems that are not of alert status, in the form of JMP Notes. You can search for Alert Priority issues in our Knowledge Base.