Manchester, UK 5-7 March
Steering committee

  • Somaieh Mohammadi completed her PhD in chemical engineering at Newcastle University and her master’s in computer science/data analytics at the University of York. She has one year of post-doctoral research experience working in the Newcastle ...Learn More

    Somi Mohammadi

    Digital Technology Transfer Lead, GSK

  • Lene Bjørg Cesar is Science Manager at Novozymes in Bagsværd, Denmark, where she has been a part of the digitalization team since 2004. Cesar has a broad scientific background in research and development and enjoys the aspects of her work that involve...Learn More

    Lene Bjørg Cesar

    Science Manager and Statistician, Novozymes
  • Maria Lanzerath leads a global team of statisticians at W.L. Gore, working with scientists and engineers to ensure that statistics is embedded throughout the manufacturing process. She has been an industrial statistician with the company since 1997, p...Learn More

    Maria Lanzerath

    Global Head of Statistics, Gore
  • André Augé has worked in the aluminium industry for 35 years as a process engineer and department manager for R&D and industrial sites. He is now in charge of statistical studies and follow-up of the Rio Tinto aluminium smelters. Augé also supp...Learn More

    André Augé

    Senior Data Scientist, Rio Tinto

  • Pilar Gomez-Jimenez works as a principal scientist in the speciality chemical company Johnson Matthey. She has a master’s degree and a PhD in chemical engineering, and she has been working in research and development of catalysts and materials for 17 ...Learn More

    Pilar Gomez-Jimenez

    Principal Scientist, Johnson Matthey
  • Sebastian Hoffmeister is a Biostatistics Manger at Roche. Over the course of his career, he has been a Group Leader in Biostatistics, a biostatistician and a statistics trainer and consultant. Hoffmeister studied statistics at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.

    Sebastian Hoffmeister

    Biostatistics Manager, Roche

  • Liang Zhiwu is a Principal Statistician at the Procter & Gamble Brussels Innovation Center. Liang has been working at P&G for 21 years. His focus is conjoint analysis and the MaxDiff method for consumer testing, advanced design of experiments ...Learn More

    Liang Zhiwu

    Principal Statistician, Procter & Gamble
  • Frank Deruyck is Six Sigma Black Belt with more than 20 years experience in industry-leading OPEX projects. He now teaches TQM and chemometrics. He is member of a Centre of Applied Data Science team and principal investigator at the Ghent University Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Pharmaceutical Engineering & Manufacturing.

    Frank Deruyck

    Docent & Principal Investigator, HOGENT University of Applied Sciences
  • Søren Pehrson is a chemical engineer and Six Sigma black Belt with over 20 years’ experience upscaling chemical manufacturing unit operations. Pehrson runs Six Sigma optimization and design for quality projects and teach colleagues in applied statistics and DOE. He has been a JMP and JMP Pro user since 2013.

    Søren Pehrson

    Lead Six Sigma Specialist - Ørsted

  • Christel Kronig is a Senior Analytical Scientist and Team Leader at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories R&D centre in Cambridge, UK. Kronig became a JMP practitioner 17 years ago and has been using JMP throughout her career to support both development and...Learn More

    Christel Kronig

    Senior Analytical Scientist, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

  • Victor Guiller works as a Scientific Expertise Engineer in Research & Innovation at L’Oréal. He holds an engineering degree in chemical formulation from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille (ENSCL), where he first learned about design ...Learn More

    Victor Guiller

    Scientific Expertise Engineer, L’Oréal

  • John Linden is an experienced research physicist with a demonstrated history of working in the electronic manufacturing industry. He is skilled in developing concepts from initial simulations to full prototypes, in the fields of laser-matter intera...Learn More

    John Linden

    Research Physicist, KLA

  • Katharina Lankers, PhD, is an R&D Scientist at SCHOTT AG, a technology-based company developing and manufacturing specialty materials, components and systems. She studied mathematics and physics in Bonn, Stuttgart and Novosibirsk and received h...Learn More

    Katharina Lankers

    R&D Scientist, SCHOTT

  • Aziza Yormirzaeva is passionate about discovering applications of mathematical concepts in the field of data science to help Corning reach analytical excellence. She supports cross-disciplinary teams for research, development, engineering and manufact...Learn More

    Aziza Yormirzaeva

    Statistician and Data Scientist, Corning
  • Florent Mathieu is Process R&D Engineer at Michelin, where he is in charge of designing future chemical processes needed to produce new raw materials. He has also worked in Process Engineering for Processium and EryPharm. He was awarded a PhD i...Learn More

    Florent Mathieu

    Process R&D Engineer, Michelin

  • Malcolm Moore, JMP European Technical Manager, is a statistical consultant who works with clients to integrate statistical methods and software into R&D, quality improvement, defect reduction, cycle time reduction, and corporate Six Sigma progr...Learn More

    Malcolm Moore

    European Technical Manager, JMP