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How can I create and save customized interactive drill-down graphs in JMP?

In JMP,  you can add a thumbnail of a graph or an image of  elements on a  graph built using Graph Builder.  These thumbnail, customized, interactive graphs are called graphlets.  You can also nest graphlets.

Start by creating a graph in Graph Builder.  This is your baseline graph. Copy the script by saving it to your clipboard using SAVE SCRIPT > TO CLIPBOARD,  and then paste it as a graphlet into a baseline graph.  After you have added the graphlet, you can put your cursor over an element in the baseline graph to see a thumbnail preview of the graphlet for that element. 

To nest graphlets, copy them starting from the lowest level into your clipboard using SAVE SCRIPT > TO CLIPBOARD, then paste into the next highest-level graph, until you have the final graph.   Then,  save the final graph using SAVE SCRIPT > TO DATA TABLE.  Remember to then save the table.  When you open the table, you can run the script from the Tables Panel, see the highest-level graph and drill sequentially into the lower-level graphs.

See a short example that also includes adding and saving a data filter.



See a full Mastering JMP video on how to create custom drill-down graphs.  Work through documentation and examples about creating graphlets and other customizable hover graphs.




Hover Labels made easy! 

Great video!

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