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JMP 14 is coming

JMP 14 arrives next month. Look for previews of new capabilities in the coming weeks.JMP 14 arrives next month. Look for previews of new capabilities in the coming weeks.

Next month, new versions of JMP and JMP Pro will be released. Along with that, John Sall, Executive VP of SAS and JMP chief architect, will give an overview of what scientists and engineers should be thinking about in 2018 and how JMP 14 helps them discover more in their data. Sall's presentation takes place at Discovery Summit Europe in Frankfurt on March 14 (we hope to see you there!).

But you don't have to wait till next month to find out more about the new versions of JMP and JMP Pro. In the weeks ahead, you'll see how the software further develops the idea of an end-to-end analytics workflow. The new versions of JMP and JMP Pro help you toward that end by:

  • Simplifying data access, no matter the source.
  • Lessening the burden and time it takes to clean data and make it ready for analysis.
  • Building more effective data visualizations.
  • Fitting models to data, even when challenges exist.
  • Organizing and curating content.
  • Sharing and communicating results.

All of this is in addition to providing new ways to organize JMP sessions and the associated windows, scripts, journals and supporting materials. We are excited to tell you more about it!

Be on the lookout for previews of JMP 14 in this blog. We begin this week with a post focusing on the many improvements to Graph Builder, which @XanGregg, the creator of Graph Builder, discussed with me. That is followed by a post by my colleague @anne_milley about design of experiments enhancements; she spoke with @bradleyjones, who built the JMP Custom Designer. For now, you can read product manager @danielvalente's post on how new features get into JMP.

Let us know what you think!

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