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How do features get into JMP?

developers_JMP.jpgOne of the ways we get ideas and suggestions for JMP is interactions between customers and development staff at events like JMP Discovery Summit.

A variety of sources contribute to guiding the feature set in each new version of JMP. Every day, we accumulate requests and ideas from JMP users around the world. This includes suggestions received from customers via technical support, beta feedback received through the JMP Early Adopter Program, direct communication from customers via JMP sales teams, and interactions between customers and development staff at events like JMP Discovery Summit.

JMP has many longstanding relationships with customers and industry experts who help keep us informed about market needs and competitive pressures. We work with these development partners to ensure that JMP features and performance continue to meet their needs.

Customer requests alone do not drive every development effort. Development groups adapt to changes in technology that impact JMP’s products, guiding updates to code libraries and architectural changes. Developer innovations are also an important ingredient. Many of the JMP development staff are thought leaders in their respective areas, conducting research and inventing new algorithms, ways of presenting data visually, and solving complex modeling problems.

WishListLightBulb.pngGot a suggestion or idea to make JMP better? Post it on the JMP Wish List.All of these inputs are considered by development and product managers when building the working plan for the next feature release of JMP. We realize that not every customer can contribute to this process in person, and that is why we have created our newest feedback avenue: the JMP Wish List on our user community.

If you have a wish or an idea to make JMP better in the future, please post your idea to the JMP Wish List! This is your chance to discuss your wish with other JMP users who may share your needs, as well as gather support for your ideas. We take note of kudos and comments given in the community when prioritizing requested enhancements.

When visiting the Wish List, please take a look at other active suggestions made by JMP users like yourself. Kudo or comment other ideas you would like to see in the product. The most popular wishes are likely to get into the development queue, and you might just see your wish granted in a future version of JMP.

You can also provide detailed feedback to JMP technical support at JMP development strives to strike a balance between providing innovative new tools for customers and maintaining and enhancing well-loved tools.

While working toward new feature releases, JMP developers also contribute fixes to scheduled maintenance updates for the current production release. JMP technical support works closely with development to resolve customer issues as quickly as possible.


Editor's note: This blog post was co-authored by @shannon_conners, Reseach and Development Director at JMP.