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Expression Analysis with JMP Genomics

JMP Genomics is a specialized yet broad tool for analyzing genetic, genomic and other “-omic” data.

Whether it's expression analysis, GWAS, predictive modeling, or plant breeding, JMP Genomics has a tool to meet the need.


The second set of blog posts in our series deal with expression data. We import data from a text file, create an Experimental Design File outlining the details of the experiment, and perform an expression analysis.

Each installment of the series can be accessed below as it becomes available. The first series focused on Genetic Association with JMP Genomics.


Series Outline


  1. Expression Analysis with JMP Genomics, Part 1: Experimental Design


  1. Expression Analysis with JMP Genomics, Part 2: Importing Expression Data from Text Files

Expression Analysis

  1. Expression Analysis with JMP Genomics, Part 3: Basic Expression Workflow
    1. Quality Control
    2. Normalization
    3. Analysis/Model
Level II

Why JMPG is still not available for MACs?


Hi @irinastl


JMP Genomics does not run natively on MacOS because JMP Genomics uses SAS in the background to process and analyze the expression and genotype data. SAS (Desktop SAS/Analytics Pro) cannot be installed on the  MacOS since it was never developed for that OS and because of this constraint and dependence, it will never run native on the Mac.


One can use Virtual Desktop software like VMWare or Parallels to run a Windows OS on the Mac and install JMP Genomics. Another alternative is to use Bootcamp on the Mac and install a Windows OS so it runs natively on the hardware.  A third option is to install it on a remote server (like AWS, Citrix or Windows Server OS) and install it there with remote access.


Hope that helps explain why.