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Level V
Expression Analysis with JMP Genomics

JMP Genomics is a specialized yet broad tool for analyzing genetic, genomic and other “-omic” data.

Whether it's expression analysis, GWAS, predictive modeling, or plant breeding, JMP Genomics has a tool to meet the need.


The second set of blog posts in our series deal with expression data. We import data from a text file, create an Experimental Design File outlining the details of the experiment, and perform an expression analysis.

Each installment of the series can be accessed below as it becomes available. The first series focused on Genetic Association with JMP Genomics.


Series Outline


  1. Expression Analysis with JMP Genomics, Part 1: Experimental Design


  1. Expression Analysis with JMP Genomics, Part 2: Importing Expression Data from Text Files

Expression Analysis

  1. Expression Analysis with JMP Genomics, Part 3: Basic Expression Workflow
    1. Quality Control
    2. Normalization
    3. Analysis/Model
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