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Warn me if executing a command / running an analysis is going to take a long time.

I find on larger data sets that some analyses take a long time to run.  For example, running a Binomial or Poisson generalized linear model on a data set with ~20 million rows can take over an hour on my machine.  It would be great if JMP could (1) warm me if executing a command was going to take longer than 10 minutes and give me the option to cancel; and (2) if I choose to continue, give me an estimate of how long the analysis was going to take to complete.

Tracking Number:

Defect ID: S1537487

Level II

Or could be a status bar with an option to cancel for platforms that involve potentially difficult analyses. Like what is implemented in the custom design platform.

Level V

It would also be nice if there were a JSL busy widget (a.k.a. wait widget, spinning wheel widget, etc.) that could be used to give the user assurance that a script is still executing. Even better would be a JSL progress bar widget.

Super User

Often Pushing Esc during the run will cancel the platform.  It will take a 5-15 seconds to respond usually but it normally works.  

Try this:


names default to here(1);
dt = open("$SAMPLE_DATA\Probe.jmp");
g = dt << Get Column Group("Responses");
YExpr = Expr(Y());
for(i=1, i<=nitems(g), i++, 
	insert into(YExpr, g[i]);
	dt << Hierarchical Cluster(
		Method( "Ward" ),
		Standardize Data( 1 ),
		Dendrogram Scale( "Distance Scale" ),
		Number of Clusters( 20 ),
		SendToReport( Dispatch( {}, "Dendrogram", OutlineBox, {SetHorizontal( 1 )} ) )