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Open last platform in use

Many times we run distribution or some another platform and after some changes in the data, we run it again.

I suggest JMP will have a command (with key combination shortcut) which opens the last dialog in use, instead of going to menus again and again.

Thank you.



From Main Menu - Edit Last Command/Action:


@Simone1 said:


The proposal of this "simple" idea comes from my and some JMP users in the day-by-day activities.

In JMP already exist the function "RECALL": but... to use the RECALL function you need to open the dialog box for the specific analysis/graph/...


For the users point of view, could be very helpful to have one BUTTON in the main menu: when you push this button, JMP recall the last your action (and it open the relative sub-menu with the last your input).

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Defect ID: S1544584

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I like this. Wondering whether we would want a variant (a second keyboard shortcut) that skips the dialog altogether and simply recalls the last report - but recalculated for any changes to the data. Then again, isn't this really just "Automatic Recalc" at this point - a feature we already have?

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Automatic recalc is in use while the report is opened. I mean, after closing the report and the dialog, some shortcut which will open last dialog in use (It exists in Minitab and it is very useful


Community Manager

Main Menu - Edit Last Command/Action has been referenced to this request.

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Yes, please.