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Set default decimal places to tables using Preferences

It would be nice to have the ability to set the number of decimal places of columns in tables. This could be done by adding options to the summary tables of each platform in the preferences menus. The good starting point would be the distribution summary statistics, which can be expanded to other platforms as well.

Tracking Number:

Defect ID: S0843502

Level III

I would appreciate an option for the following standardized setting, proceeding from the number of decimals of the original data:

- mean, median +1 decimal,

- SD +2 decimals,

- SE +3 decimals

- Min, Max same as original

Level III

Hello Winfried,


Thank you for your comment however I wouldn't recommend on any specific default other then the current ones since number of decimal points may depend on the scale of measurements. For example, if such scale is 10*E-3 then with your suggestion mean values, medians and SD would appear in the tables as zeros.


I agree though that users should have an option for setting such defaults.



Thank you,