24-hour (Military) time as internal JMP format option

I'm on Mac. I can get date/time values as 24-hour time (18:30h vs. 06:30 PM) by changing the system time preference. But there doesn't seem to be any internal JMP option to format time this way independent of the system setting. I'd like there to be one. (It saves space in tables; but I don't want to change my system setting for this.)

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Good suggestion. There are a couple of T formats that use 24 hour time because ISO 8601 specifies it.

Capture.PNGThe T is ISO 8601 format

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The 24 hour clock are that the convention of period keeping wherever every entire day runs from midnight to midnight and may be broken to twenty five hours also indicated through the hours since middle night, by 0 to 2 . This app is the Most Commonly Used interval notation on the Planet now, also can Be Used by international Normal ISO 8601, Its like Military time, hanks