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Add a default option for a goodness-of-fit test to the preferences of Distribution platform

Currently, for continuous columns it is possible to fit some selected distributions to the data using the Distribution platform or setting this as a default output using Preferences. However goodness-of-fit tests not part of that default. I would suggest to add a checkbox to the preferences > Distribution platform that would opt for running a goodness-of-fit test by default whenever a distribution fit is selected, either by setting this in the platform's preferences or manualy selecting a fit from the Distribution menu.

Level II

To convince my colleagues to use JMP in  intro Stat 1 & Stat 2, I need to be able to do everything my colleagues can do in Minitab with JMP.  It shouldn't be an add-in to do 2 proportion z-test, AD p-values.  Today I am stuck on producing an assignment on Chi Square goodness of fit test without typing in hypothesized values.  In Minitab, I can check "equal proportions" or "specific proportions" and I can have those values in a table.  That is not an option as far as I can tell in JMP.  That is a problem.  It looks like I am going to have to make my students use Minitab in order to each my next topic.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Archived
We are archiving this request. If this is still important please comment with additional details and we will reopen. Thank you!
Level I

Please add an option for the goodness of fit test under the distribution platform to be in the default output.