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Row Filtering and hiding

Would like to have the ability to actually hide rows that are selected to be hidden.  Makes review of specific rows quick.  Otherwise will just keep using Excel.

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Can you clarify a bit? Do you mean you'd like to hide rows in the data table display? As opposed to the current features to keep rows from appearing in graphs and plots.


Hi @Jim_Gillard,

I completely understand the need for focusing attention on particular rows. In JMP, my favorite way to do this is the Data View, which you can invoke by selecting whichever rows you wish to focus on, then right-click the Selected line in the Rows section of the data table, then select Data View. The new table view you get is a linked subset of the table, allowing you to make edits, create selections, or simply view just that subset of the data (see gif below). Once you're done viewing that subset you simply close the table.


I have found this to be a much more effective way to focus attention than hiding rows, which I used to do in Excel as well. Hope this is helpful.