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Make scripts inside a data table editable via JSL

I have been running into this issue recently : I wanted to have a jsl script edit another script that is embedded inside a data table.


Currently, the best I can do is get the script with the message:

dt<< get script () ;

I get the content of the script as a string which I can edit, then I can save it using :


dt<< save script ();

The problem is it can only make a copy and not save to an existing scrîpt. If I use the same name, it will simply add a '2' at the end of the name.


I guess I could save it as number 2, erase the first one, then rename the number 2 to have the original name but this seems a bit tedious and dangerous to do...


 So, what I propose, is a dt<<Edit script (); message.

While we're at it, why not make data table scripts into scriptable objects ? With a way to refer to them, like dt:myscript. Like this they could receive a bunch of messages like all the other objects within JMP.









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