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Presetting the default-presented statistics under "Preferences"

Since version 12, "Preferences" allows to set the default Summary Statistics in the output of "Distribution". This option should be effective to all platforms.

Community Manager

I'm not sure I understand your suggestion clearly. Can you give an example where the Summary Statistics preference should be used outside of Distibution? 

Level III
Example - in ANOVA tables, the "Sum of Squares" and "Mean Square" values
make these tables wider and consequently more horizontal scrolling is
needed (or more printed pages), and because I rarely need these values,
they should be presented only upon special request, not as a defaults.
Another example are the 95% upper and lower limits of the confidence
interval of each mean produced by Fit Y by X.
Community Manager
Status changed to: Archived
We are archiving this request. If this is still important please comment with additional details and we will reopen. Thank you!