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Listing platforms under "Preferences"

"Platforms" list under "Preferences" is too long. It should be arranged hierarchically (rather than alphabetically) with "Aanalyze" platform names at the higherst order, followed by type of analysis under each platform, then tests under each analysis.

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Defect ID: S1226580, S1162736, S1295718

Level VI

Yes, similar to how functions are grouped in the formula editor. Great idea!

Level I

Yeah, one's never sure whether the inability to change a preference is actually the inability to find a preference in those lists


  1. Make preferences searchable
  2. Enable context-sensitive preference-setting that's specific to the platform from which the preferences dialog is called

JMP 14 offers a new solution for this in the form of a Filter box in the main Preferences dialog. It is quite dynamic and makes it very easy to find preferences, assuming you know at least part of the name of the preference you are looking for. Try it out and let us know if this solution helps answer this particular wish.