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Manual caption entry on Tabulate platform

On the Tabulate platform, I would like to be able to change the names of columns as they are displayed in the table.  I do not want to change the actual column title in the data table itself; I just want to change the words that are displayed on the Tabulate report.


I made a simple example table to show what I mean:

data table.jpg

tabulate platform.jpg



I simply want to type over the column title with more descriptive words.  Similar to how one would change an axis title on a chart.  Currently, the Tabulate platform can ONLY display the column title.


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Maybe this should be a separate Wish List item, but I am adding it here since it is related.  I'd like to be able to use the Grouping Column labels in tabuate and Categorical. Using the example supplied by @Chris_Rodrigues, I would be able to select an option to use grouping column labels as a grouping variable or level.



would look like this