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Group Table Variables

Currently we have the ability to Group Columns and Group Scripts.  This is really helpful to keep large data tables organized and reduce clutter.  It would be nice if we could also Group Table Variables.


I have about 20 table variables and they are always shown at the top of the scripts panel.  I cannot move them down and I cannot group them.  When I first open my table, I always have to scroll past the table variables to reach my scripts.  I want to be able to group them so they are out of the way.

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Defect ID: S1559586

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I have the same issues. I rarely want to look at the table variables whereas I always want to access my script. Having to scroll down is a pain. Also for naive users, it would be nicer to have the scripts on top.


so: couple of additional improvements :


==> Hide table variables, just like you do with columns


==> Move table variables (as you do with scripts)