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Label multiple images to show in graph

When a column with images is set as a label, hovering over a datapoint in a graph shows the resp. image. It would be nice if it was possible to do this for multiple images (in different columns). (Setting several columns as label doesn't work, only the image of the first column is shown.)

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Defect ID: S1167978

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This would be an excellent feature to help look at multiple wafermaps from test parameters simultaneously.

@gandi2223 @jpol 

We are looking into addressing this requirement with a Graphlet Preset in JMP 16.0.

For JMP 15.0, please take a look at this Add-in and let us know if it works for your needs. Label Viewer: exploring multiple images and text associated with a single visual element using Hover... 



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Thanks, @nascif_jmp, this is what I was looking for!

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Great Add_In. Works perfectly!

Thank you so much.

Example of mutilple parameter wafermaps shown below




- Philip


Wow, awesome! Thanks for sharing your screenshot. It looks great!

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Status changed to: In Development