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Add native connectors to access different database types

Dear all,

I really started to love jmp since I was able to import my data from our database (Oracle, mysql) by some query scripts automatically/efficiently. But as far as I know, only method is to use ODBC connectors provided by the operating system (Win10 in my case, using JMP 14.0).

Now we are trying to use additional data sources like mongoDB, MS Asure in cloud and others, and it seems that jmp is very limited deriving data therefrom. I know, for mongoDB there is an odbc driver, I'm about to install. And via python I could also get some data from these sources, but would require a python installation for every user.

So IMHO it would be neccesary for future releases to add some native connectors to jmp. At least as a starting point in the scripting environment.

When looking at other products (like tableau, but I have no access), I'm getting a bit jealousy to the rich support of data sources.

Thanks and best regards, Georg


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that's the most requested feature in my company also, different data sources that do not have an ODBC driver.