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Johnson-Neyman Procedure (Floodlight) and Spotlight

I suggest that the output for regression include options for the Johnson-Neyman regions of significance—i.e., floodlight analysis (i.e., at and above/below what value of the moderator is the difference between levels of the independent variable significant). In addition, I suggest including options for spotlight ananyses, based on regions defined by the user (e.g., significance at +-1 SD from the mean of the moderator or at a particular value of the moderator). 



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If you want your software to be used in the social sciences, esp. psychology, this would be a critical feature.  In general, the ability to follow up an interaction involving a continuous variable to conduct a "simple slopes" or "simple effects" analysis in which, at a minimum, the user can either probe the slope of a line at different values of another predictor (and obtain slopes with SEs) and even better, provide contrasts between these slopes.