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Text Edit Box() <<Set AutoCompleter List()

I think it would be awesome if texteditbox() had the ability to have a list of values that it would search from and give a listbox (without messing up layouts) below where you could select possible options. I'm thinking like google or whatever. 


something like this

Names default to here(1);
new window("Test", 
	teb = texteditbox("")
teb << Set AutoCompleter List({"face", "John", "Denver", "head", "heat"});
// I imagine it would have other flags like
teb << Set AutoCompleter Match("All"|"Start");

Where if the match were all it would look like

autocompleter all.png

And if it were start it would look like

autocompleter start.png



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@vince_faller, There is an "editable" option for Combo Box that gets you a different kind of auto complete.

New Window( "Example",
	cb = Combo Box(
		{"face", "John", "Denver", "head", "heat"},
		Show( cb << Get() )

Here's a gif of how it works:


I will also pass your suggestion for an auto complete list to development.