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For Column Properties such as Value Label, Value Ordering, allow user to import/export from JMP file

dt:mycol << Value Labels(mylist) << Use Value Labels( 1 );

For platforms such as Control Chart Builder, JMP allows importing and exporting spec limits, control limits, etc, from a JMP file. Would like to replicate this kind of function for Column Properties such as Value Labels, Value Ordering, etc. Currently have to manually type it in. We have created JSL snippets to export and import from a JMP table frequently used ones like Value Labels. The table has columns named "Values" and "Labels", so if the user is always having to do Value Labels, can use the same. Adding a new Value Label manually, can then save and update that table. Could follow the spec limit approach and use "_Values" and "_Labels" for the column names. Would be nice to do it from the Column Properties menu, but could also be under Column Utilities. Spec limits and Control Limits under Column Properties could also be upgraded if able to do it from the Column Properties user interface. For JMP15 Wish List.


Level V

In recent enhancements to Recode, an option is to select "Add Value Labels". This does make it easier to enter all at once, instead of through the column properties where you have to type in a Value, type in a Label, and then click Add, one at a time. Nice that the Recode platform can write the column property "Value Labels" all at once. If this can be made into a table from Recode, or Recode could open a table with "_Value" and "_Labels" as column names, that would also be an enhancement to allow faster manipulation of Value Labels.

Level II

I agree, it would be great to be able to be able to add Value labels in a a much more efficient manner.   Even better if there was a way to auto populte the column value labels from a file listing.


Level V

Update on what is seen in JMP15 Early Adopter. The Recode in JMP15 will allow saving it as a script, either in the data table or as a separate .jsl file. So much closer to having it in a file like a spec limits file, this script solution might be enough.


Example of Big file. If you use Value Labels for the age column, the script saved looks like this in JMP15EA. If you enter it one time, you can save this recoding script to the same data table or as just the .jsl file.


dt = Data Table( "Big Class" );
dt << Begin Data Update;
col1 = dt << New Column( dt:age );
col1 << Set Name( "age 2" );
dt << Move Selected Columns( {col1}, after( dt:age ) );
dt << Recode Column( dt:age, {}, Target Column( col1 ) );
col1 << Remove Value Labels;
col1 << Value Labels(
	{12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17},
	{"twelve", "thirteen", "fourteen", "fifteen", "sixteen", "seventeen"}
dt << End Data Update;

But the part of Recode to import the script from a file or data table does not seem to be working for me. Will report to JMP15EA beta support if this is the case after testing. But good to know this functionality is being added to Recode for JMP15.

Staff (Retired)

In the Col Info Dialog, copy and paste in the Value Label properties edit box will work.

eg,  Select the column age of Big Class.

Bring up the Value Label Properties from the Col info dialog.

Paste this list into the value label properties edit box -

11 eleven

12 twelve

13 thirteen

14 fourteen

15 fifteen

16 sixteen

17 seventeen


Click apply.





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