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Show Prediction Expression in Fit Least Squares platform - allow Simplify like in Formula Editor

Currently in the Fit Least Squares platform, you can "Show Prediction Expression" under "Estimates". It is shown using coded levels, and harder to interpret for many users for coefficients. Currently our users are told to "Save Columns" >  "Prediction Formula" to a column, then select the formula, and use the menu item "Simplify" to undo coded levels and show as typical coefficients for the model. Any way to add the "Simplify" function to the Prediction Expression when shown in the Fit Least Squares report? (By the way, the "simplify" in the Formula Editor was an awesome addition). Example from the Custom DOE class:


"210 + 186* ( (Thickness - 5)/2.5)"  becomes "-162 + 74.4 * Thickness" using Simplify


The Y intercept of 210 is where the coded level of -1 to +1 is 0, so a positive 210 based on coded levels. But when using Fit Y by X, the equation is -162+74.4*Thickness, which has a negative value for Y intercept when Thickness is zero.

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