Deming regression

Please include

  • Deming Regression
  • for "Fit Y by X“ platform an option (check box) for a reference line y=x
  • and the option (check box) to have x and y axis setting to be equal  Min(x_Axis) = Min(y_Axis) , Max(x_Axis) = Max(y_Axis)

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Hi @mlo1,

For Deming regression, perhaps Fit Orthogonal would be useful for you? It's available under the Red Triangle in Fit Y by X. There are different options depending on how you want to account for differences in the variances of X and Y. 



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Thanks a lot for towards the menu.
The graph axis options mentioned would be helpful for fast judgement and as guide to easily see offset and/or change in gradient. As demonstrated in folllowing blog:

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The Method Comparison Add-In by Russ Wolfinger does include a Passing-Bablok and Deming regression. You can download it from here:

It is quite "old", so I am not sure if there are any updates and if it still is working. But maybe worth a look.

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The author (Russ Wolfinger) just commented in that thread that it could be time for JMP to add the functionality as a specific platform, not as an Add-In, so it is justifiable.

I would not only go for Deming regression but a Method comparison platform including Passing-Bablok, so that it can be used under regulatory guidelines.