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Add Design Generation to MaxDiff DOE

MaxDiff basic design outpu.jpg


The MaxDiff DOE tool currently generates a basic randomization.  However, it does not provide the important next step that sensory and consumer research practitioners require which is the expansion of the basic design 

to be replicated for many test subjects and then to randomize the order blocks.


It seems this capability is already available in other DOE tools such as the Custom Design int the baked in routine called, "Design Generation".


The output should look exactly as it does in the JMP example file called, "Candy Survey" that is, without the raw data collected in the column titled "Choice". 


The pain point for researchers is that to use the JMP tool as currently configured, one would have to take the individual design and manually seed it and then randomize many times.  Our tests often contain between 40 and 120 test subjects and sometimes more!  So the current configuration is not helpful.


Please consider bringing the "Data Generation" option into the MaxDiff DOE. 



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