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Sunburst Plot / Nested Pie Chart

I had a need to make a sunburst plot and thought that you wonderful people might enjoy it as well.  


Basically it allows the user to select multiple columns in the X value of a pie chart and will slice within slices of the layer before it.  


For instance, if I want to compare the heights of all people in each age group in big class. 



Would give me a return of this. 

return 1.png


Or I could also want sex in there.  


result 2.png


This is awesome - Thanks!!

Very good tool

i need some customization, hope JMP will add layered pie charts as an option in the graph builder

@ezorlo what kind of customization?  

Hi vince

1) changing color scheme (right now i use "row label color")

2) matching colors from the same categories across plots (right now i do it manually)

3) adjusting size and dimensions of the plot (i cant find a way)

4) adjusting label position (i change the numbers in the script)

Some of these I kind of managed but its very manual


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