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JMP Genomics QuasR Alignment add-in

The add-in functions as a wrapper around the QuasR (short for Quantify and annotate short reads in R) package in BioConductor. It uses qAlign to align single or paired-end reads to a reference genome, and unmapped reads are optionally further aligned to alternative references. Pre-existing alignments in BAM format will be generated after importing.


The Experimental Design File is a tab-delimited text file or sas7bdat file containing the column names with "FileName" and "SampleName"; Raw sequence file can be compressed with gzip, bzip2 or xz (with extensions "gz", "bz2" or"xz"); A reference genome is required for creating the alignment index and further alignments.





Output results: The alignments are generated and furhter analysis can be performed within JMP Genomics, for example, launching "Generate Counts from BAM" process. It also creates a quality control report with plots on sequence qualities and alignment statistics.  





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