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saving journal into word

Hi, I am trying to save calculation such as distributions to word currently I save these calculations into journals and eventually save them to word doc.
Apparently when making more then one calculation I can't save the last journal, I will appreciate any suggestion that you have, tanks in advance. pniel

RequiermetMSG=Text Box( "Required: Sigma Q = 6 , Cpk > 1.33 " );
Spclimitwind=New Window("spec",<< Journal);
Current Journal() << minimize window;
RequiermetMSG << Journal( Freeze All );
Page Break Box() << Journal;

for each row(
//calculating distribution and other stuf it is a lot of code ....
//vv=expr(Distribution(Y(_C), Quantiles(_D),Moments(_E),Fit Distribution( Normal( //Goodness of Fit(_F) ) )//.......and more

//after the calculations;

vv << Journal( Freeze All );// saving it into jornal
Page Break Box() << Journal;


newFitSpec = NewWindow(AnalysisSpecMsg,
H List Box(
Text Box(" "),
Button Box("Save to MSWord",

//Current Journal() << Save MSWord("", Native);
Spclimitwind<< Save MSWord("", Native);

Text Box( "\!t" ),
Button Box( "Close this Window",
newFitSpec << CloseWindow;
Current Journal()<< CloseWindow();

Page Break Box(),


tanks in advance, pniel
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