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distribution statistics output to a table


Community Member


Feb 25, 2013

I am a basic user. So far,  I do not use scripts but only menus.

I have generated more that 50 distributions curves  and statistics with few clicks using the "analysys/distribution" menu.

I would like now to take the results of those distribution analysis (such as simple things like average,, standard deviation etc...) to a new table in order to process them again.



Community Trekker


Mar 20, 2012

Dear Piotte,

You may want to try the Tabulate Platform.  It can calculate: N, Mean, Stdev, Min, Max, Range, % of Total, Median, Quantiles, etc.  After you have it setup the way you want it, you can convert it to a data table with the red diamond.



Super User


Jun 23, 2011

In the report window, right click on e.g. the table "Summary Statistics" and select "make into data table" or "make combined data table". The latter brings all similar table boxes into a single data table. Very convenient if you have all the histograms in the same report. If each histogram resides in it's own window you can collect them in a journal (ctrl-J) first and then click "make combined data table".