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What is JMP? What does JMP do for you?


I was wondering what your understanding of JMP is, or what JMP does for you or your company.

We recently tweeted, "What is #JMP, you ask?"

As JMP users, you probably get asked that question.

I found a couple of cool links describing what JMP is.

Dave@Pega-Analytics​ created this cool animated gif describing JMP.

And this one from the web.  And this paper ​titled, "I'm a SAS Programmer.  Why should I JMP?"

And julian​ created a video showing what JMP is in 60 seconds.

I'd like to know what others use JMP for or what JMP means to them?

How many cool ways do you use JMP? What feature can you not do without?

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Re: What is JMP? What does JMP do for you?

While now I work for SAS as a JMP systems engineer, I'll answer from the perspective of my former role as a statistician at my former employer, Eastman Kodak Company...where I was a JMP user since version 1. By JMP version 3, I never touched SAS or APL again.

What is JMP?

Among many areas of application, JMP was the data analytics and DOE desktop platform of choice within our Six Sigma Black Belt training curriculum. Hundreds of Kodak Six Sigma Black Belt candidates around the globe were trained using JMP. Hands down JMP offered the broadest and deepest deployment of quality and statistical methods in a way that did not constrain us wrt to topics, methods, and ease of interacting with their colleagues on the thousands of Six Sigma projects that were touched by Kodak Black Belts.

What does JMP do for you?

During my last 8 years as a supplier quality manager I used JMP almost daily on a variety of quality and process improvement projects in collaboration with Kodak suppliers across the enterprise including finance, customer service and support, manufacturing, research and development, marketing, IS/IT, logistics, etc.. These projects delivered millions of dollars of savings to Kodak and our suppliers through reducing defects, process or product variation, cycle time or lead time.

It was not uncommon that during any one supplier improvement project, supplier members of the team would see me work with JMP and ask, "What's that?". I'd answer "JMP...a desktop statistics program from SAS." And quite often...they'd ask, "How do I get ahold of that?" So I actually helped sell a few copies of JMP to these folks over the years too!

What feature can't you do without?

The DOE platforms in conjunction with the Fit Model sub platforms for the Prediction Profiler, Simulator, and Contour Profiler. These platforms told us pretty much everything we needed to know in manufacturing and R & D. What should our process set points be? What product variation can we expect? What is the shape and form of our process operating window.

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Re: What is JMP? What does JMP do for you?

I use Graph Builder in many ways and in many applications.  I always get asked "How do you do that!?!?"  Graph Builder is simply AMAZING.

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Re: What is JMP? What does JMP do for you?

"How do I love thee, let me count the ways:

1. Table joining.......I have never been a fan of Excel's Vlookup, and can't understand why people cling to it.  I do wish JMP could join multiple tables at the same time.

2. Data cleansing.  Finding outliers, and just funny data

3. Analysis of large data tables.  Excel, Minitab, etc. all bog down when one gets into the thousands of columns and hundreds of thousand rows.

4. The ability to have spec limits as column properties.   Wow. what a timesaver, not having to reenter them over and over as in other systems

5. Graph Builder is super.

6. JSL is powerful. I do wish I could override Platform statistics in an object oriented structure, so that if I had a capability equation that I want to use, that is different from the one(s) provided by Distribution, that I could specify my code, and it would use it for the duration of that report. 

7. How nice the feature is that JMP will generate much of the JSL one needs, just with a couple of clicks.

8. Predictive analytics......so important these days

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